Do you know how it feels to stand on the top-pest point from the ground and after the darkness ends and the dawn passes
you see the first light. the first light of the day!
you feel the warmth of that one light after the cold dawn and the freezing night . When there is just the green-white
snowy mountains and it introduces to the limitless sky.
You feel like just closing your eyes and feel the moment but at the same time you do not want to miss this AMAZING SUNRISE!

After the long route is climbed, you reach your top est point. How many times you would’ve given up on the way!
how many times you would’ve thought that you need strength to go back too so just go back.
All the sweat you broke, all the thirst for water on the way up and the pain in the legs …
But did you stopped ?
no !
because you came all the way from your home so you need to climb. So many hardships you face on the way but you get
your rewards in bits on the way when you can see the little view of your destination.
When you can see the shiny snow on the top of the far away hills.
all your struggles pays you off once you reach on the top. The view from there is worth it. Looking at those 3 beautiful
different colored mountains with different vegetation and the gorges flowing in between them,
the snow is so white that it makes the sky look so blue . CLOUDS ARE BENEATH YOU !no camera is better than your eyes .

THIS VIEW IS WORTH EVERY THING IN THE WORLD . And you realize that you would’ve missed it if you would’ve given up.
All your thirst is quenched in just one view.
This is when you will realize that all our stress, tension and worry’s are nothing but our chains which are entangled
to our-wants and needs .
What you really needed was to empty your mind.What trekking gives you is an empty and fresh mind and also the best
experience of the god’s gift – NATURE .
In a way it gives you nothing but everything !

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hii'i am vipin negi an aspiring blogger. i will help you to know about new concepts to the world.

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