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Everyone need friends in their life because they are the one who lightens our life. SO I ALSO HAVE SOME GOOD FRIENDS ! Friends are crazy and most of them are best in irritating you. They always have something to share with you. You can never feel bore if they are with you. There are different varieties of friends. BUT MOSTLY FIVE TYPE OF THEM ARE COMMONLY FOUND IN EVERY GROUP!

  1. Niggard

This is the commonly found Specie in our group. This person is always hesitate in spending money. He always find some way and get himself out from the list of contributing or giving the party.

2. Irritated one

There is always a guy who easily gets angry on every little thing. this is the person you should never make jokes about but how can we stop ? This is the person who is teased the most .

3. Knowledge one

There is one who have all the knowledge in the group and desire to correct everyone and impart there wisdom. these are the ones who irritate the most . they keep on either correcting you or explaining all the consequences of your decision .

4. The Alcoholic one

There is always someone who is a drinker in the group . He doesn’t wait for any occasion nor does the week off affects him. He is the one who is always searching for company who can drink with him.

5. The IT professional

Then there is one who have all the games and solution to all your technical problems . Also this is the guy who is the most updated one and with every latest technical accessories.

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